The question: Do I need a website to be successful in business? The answer: Yes, affirmative, definitely, certainly, aye, true, all of the above.

Todays generation has grown up with the internet ingrained in their day to day life. iPhone’s, free WiFi at Starbucks, hotels, and even McDonalds… the internet is always gaining momentum and will not slow until everyone has access to it 24/7. Research tools such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and even the yellow pages are almost completely extinct in the physical world. Everyone has migrated the wealth of information to the web.

Here are a few concrete reasons why your business needs its own presence on the web.

This one is pretty self explanatory. A website is available to display your company or services key information around the clock. You need time to sleep. So let your website answer those common questions and concerns of your clients while you snuggle your pillow in peace.

It’s Expected

Having a website is such a requirement today that if someone searches for information on you or your site, its a shock to not find anything official on the web. If Best Buy’s website suddenly went missing, a lot of people would notice it.

Adds Legitimacy

When you’re competing with huge companies in your same area of expertise, its extremely helpful to design a website that can portray you in a professional light and that can compete with multi-billion dollar companies. Even if you own a small, one man operation, the web doesn’t show the square footage. For all your clients know you could be sitting in an executive suite on the top floor of a high rise.

Levels the Playing Field

Having your presence online immediately puts you on the same level as the big companies. Online, the size of your operation does not matter. Presentation and a good reputation does.

World Wide Audience

Anywhere in the world, potential clients can access your companies products and services. You are not limited by one town or even by a single state.

Helps With Your Company Image

Your website will help mold your companies image and branding. The more you’ve established your look and feel, the more people will be likely to accept what you have to offer them.

Customer Interaction

Your clients need to be able to contact you in some way if they have any questions or concerns. This again will put them in a more likely situation to decide for using your service or purchasing from you because they feel they can reach you if help is needed. You can also bring others together in an online community so that they may help each other. (Advanced Website Features)

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